Judith Mitchell cellist


Cello and electronics

Mathew AdkinsQuietness Drowning * +Cello and live electronics
Richard Barrettne songe plus a fuirAmplified cello
Silvla FominaExpulsion, Desaggregation, DispersionCello and tape
Christopher FoxStraight Lines in Broken Times 3Amplified cello
Jonathan HarveyCurve With PlateauxAmplified cello
Henri KergomardHapsisCello and tape
Tod MachoverElectric etudesCello, tape, live electronics
F'ederick MartinUnknown Pleasures cycle 1bAmplified cello
Gabriela OrtizThings Like That Happen * +Cello and tape
Michael Rosas CobianSoliloqueando * +Cello and tape
Kaija SaariahoPetalsCello and live electronics
Roger TessierScene 3Cello and tape
Rodrigo Cicchelli VellosoEntangled Latitudes * +Cello and tape
Mathew AdkinsNoumena * +Cello and electronics

* World Premiere or U K Premiere
+ Commissioned by or for Judith Mitchell