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Teaching & Performance

3. Practical Information about Lessons

Individual lessons

Each of us learns in different ways and at different speeds and we often want to explore different styles and areas of music and cello playing too. One to one teaching is therefore the mainstay of my teaching schedule so that I can help each player to learn in the best way possible for them.

You can book for a single lesson, a lesson now and then, a group of lessons, lessons for a term, or regular lessons over a much longer period. It all depends on what will be best for you.

Group sessions

These either have a specific focus (intonation is popular and so is scale practice!) or they are based on a joyful hour or two of cello ensembles, of which I have a very extensive library. Or they can be a combination of both. They seem to work well when the players make a cohesive, friendly and sparky group, so some element of invitation is sometimes a good idea. Four or five cellists in a group.


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