Judith Mitchell cellist

Teaching & Performance

4. Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations

As with most musicians, enthusiasm for a project spurs me into practising, and workshops and lecture demonstrations are currently providing plenty of projects and enthusiasm.

Participator or audience?

Some of us like to get going right away and discuss and try things out, on our own or in a group. Others of us like to observe and think and possibly try things out later. Most of us fall somewhere in between, sometimes feeling one way and sometimes the other. I want to provide for all these approaches, because I think they are all an entirely valid way of enjoying being part of a musical experience; and they are all needed for a truly creative and lively musical scene today.


Workshops are very interactive and have lots of time for discussion, 'try it for yourself' and general creative involvement. Maximum group size is therefore six. Some workshops, but by no means all, are suited to players of a stated standard.

Lecture demonstrations

Lecture demonstrations concern the performance and investigation of music firstly through demonstration performances, and explanation. You can join in discussions or not, depending on how you feel. Maximum group size is twelve, so that everyone can listen and look from close up if they want to (or sit more distantly if they prefer!).


Fees for both workshops and lecture demonstrations depend on the length of the session but they are very affordable!


My house in Forest Hill, South London, which has plenty of space. Added advantages are a large kitchen for the tea breaks!

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Currently I am working towards these ideas, all of which (with the obvious exception of the Cello Workshops) can be workshops or lecture demonstrations or somewhere in between:

I have lots of other ideas for future sessions. Have you suggestions for sessions that would appeal to you? Do contact me, if so.